Recruitment for technological companies: Know the solution of the managed teams

February 17, 2019

They say that ultimately success depends on people. They are right. When it comes to recruiting programmers, outsourced technology companies or outsourcing software – the issue of manpower is more important and complex. On the one hand, it is sometimes more profitable to seek help from outsourcing companies. On the other hand, there are cases where outsourcing to work only causes more problems. Confused? Not us. At Apptodate, we implemented an interim solution – a “managed team” that combines the benefits of recruiting a full-time employee with the pluses of working with an external freelancer. The idea was born out of a deep thought about the ideal way in which technology teams can connect with companies to be perfect for their needs, saving them both time and money. So what is the solution we engineered so that you could eat the cake and leave it intact?

Recruitment Employees for technological companies – advantages and disadvantages

A new guy comes to the neighborhood and joins your regular staff. On the positive side, whether it is startups, software companies or any other organization, recruiting ordinary employees increases the chances that the new purchase will feel dedication and loyalty to the workplace and will see its success as a direct part of the company’s success, which will be reflected in the quantity and quality of the work it will invest. Moreover, it is easier for a full-time employee to “control” and supervise. So on paper, at least. In practice, workers tend to be less loyal to their workplace today, as is evidentA study conducted at the University of Minnesota.  Even when it comes to start-ups, where a high level of identification with the company is supposed to be displayed, the organization is required to invest a lot of resources in order to stay there. This adds to the additional disadvantages of regular employee recruitment, most of which are economic: high recruitment costs, training a new employee is very expensive and hiring programmers is skyrocketing. The bottom line is that recruiting new employees in the technology arena is costing organizations money, and since there is no way of knowing when the employee will decide to move on, the risk is great and it is not certain that the entire investment is worthwhile.

Outsourcing services – advantages and disadvantages

We will reverse the picture and examine the outsourcing pluses and minis- tors, or outsourcing services, with an emphasis on software outsourcing. First, software outsourcing has a distinct economic advantage – it saves time, money and other resources involved in hiring procedures. Technological outsourcing is very suitable for specific and specific projects, as opposed to regular and ongoing procedures, and it frees the company from geographical dependence on the employee or service provider. Software houses in India or software houses in Ukraine can provide the required response at significantly reduced costs, thanks to the low operating costs in these countries in relation to operating costs in Israel. But on the other hand, working with freelance programmers and software houses abroad lends control over productivity and product quality. Employees usually work less hours, slower, and do not “give everything” for the project because of a low sense of commitment and a sense of “distance” from the company they provide. Moreover, working with companies of this type is cumbersome, and it requires precise and meticulous characterization of the work, all the more so when the programmer actually sits in a foreign country. And security? It is also liable to come out of the company’s control, since it is not always certain whether or not the freelancer actually meets the required standards. Therefore, reliance on outsourcing services, and software outsourcing in particular, makes work processes more difficult, significantly reduces control over the progress of the project and may even jeopardize the quality of the products.



Managed teams – enjoy the best of both worlds

The best news we have for you is that you do not have to choose! We at Apptodate have found a comprehensive solution that combines the benefits of both recruitment and outsourcing, saving you the need to put the pluses against the minuses at stake and to break your head to decide which option is “the lesser of two evils” ! Meet the “The Managed Team“: The establishment of dedicated technological teams tailored individually to each customer, according to his changing needs, the characteristics of the project and the budget available to him. Each managed team includes a project manager, who is a senior technology person, and a team that is tailored to meet the customer’s requirements. What options? Everything your project needs: Every number of programmers is required in any programming language that suits specific needs, QA testers, designers … is what we said – everything! At Apptodate, we specialize in providing optimal technological solutions for every need, with the technological team built to be an integral part of the project, with full responsibility and backup in all stages of execution, whether it is software development outsourcing, frontend programmer or any other mix of professionals. Whether you do not have the resources and the skills to deal with the technological challenge at hand, and whether you have a suitable team, but the desire is not to burden the project with its ongoing functioning, we offer the ultimate solution that has all the tools to enter the image in a way And do the job without falling into any of the drawbacks of hiring new employees or outsourcing.

If other external software houses offer a “pre-prepared” team that is involved in a limited project and “cold,” our unique service at Apptodate is that we build the team individually for the project and manage it independently for you with full commitment and sharing. We have provided, and still provide, service to a variety of organizations – from small and budget-limited start-ups to large and well-established organizations, and we accompany these different projects and their essence, so our experience is extensive and extensive. We know how to deal with challenges and bugs professionally and efficiently, and we have already managed countless inns, so at this stage it is quite difficult to surprise us. Welcome to try! In other words, we offer all the benefits together to raise the project for you, leaving you with a quiet mind to deal with everything else. Grandma used to call it “dancing on all weddings.”

So is a managed team the ideal solution for you? Contact us, tell us about the project that is on your desk, and provide the most accurate response for you.

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