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A municipal campaign may seem simple from the outside, but a closer look will reveal a complex and intricate procedure that entails the rapid transfer of information between many people, and continuous online updating at any given moment. Electionapp's unprecedented platform offers all users to take an active part in the campaign (based on permissions). It collects all of the information gathered into an easy-to-use desktop system that performs demographic analyses, statistics, polling, and can even help maintain voter communication. So say goodbye to those excel sheets and hello to progress and innovation!

Creating Icons and Colorfulness

Our challenge was to take an area that is traditionally considered "grey" and "tedious" and turn it into a modern app that is easy and fun to use.
By using distinct colors and smiling icons, we created a language that helps users read their demographic data and the UX became extremely helpful and friendly.

Management system

(Polls, demographics, text messages)

The desktop management system allows users to receive data from the mass-user app, to analyze and control the amounts of data, to create real-time analysis and statistics, and to contact supporters. Doing all these creates order and organization, providing candidates and their campaigns with an elegant and impressive presentation.

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