Application Development: Tips for developing a successful application

December 14, 2018

You got up in the morning with a great idea for an app and you just know it’s this – boom! Whether you have an application for a business, an applet that will drop your child in a minute and a half (yes, will it be!) Or an app that will find you a parking space in Tel Aviv (Inshallah!), With a belief in yourself and an application development company that will know how to direct you – The App Store will be yours. If you have a bright idea but do not have experience in developing mobile applications, and developing a business application sounds like an expensive and complex story, this article will tell you the important steps in developing your business application. Do you need to go to a software house or be content with a freelancer? IOS – and a few more tips you should know.

On the starting line


idea? there is. enthusiasm? there is. But maybe even such an application already has ..? After you’ve finished telling the best friend about the genius idea, and memorizing in your head, “How nobody ever thought about it?” No one had thought about it yet.


Go into the app store, explore it, explore. Did not find it? Did your brain shine a real piece of originality? Breathe! Go ahead and do itmarket research. Who needs your app? How large is the audience? Did similar apps sell in the app store and failed? If so, then why? Have similar apps been successful? Market research has no shortcuts. Spend the time and effort to get as much picture as possible about your future users. From the study was a picture painted in green shades of dollars? Give a jump to the shark pool and do itCompetitors Review, To understand who is against whom.


Competitors are not enemies. On the contrary – reading and collecting information about successes and failures of similar applications, you can derive many “do” and “do” about the raw idea running around in your head. “No wise as experience” is not just an irritating sentence of the aunt, it is what can make the difference between failure and success, and even greater success.


You have learned the competition, the picture is getting clearer, and you already hear the rustle of silver coins becoming the soundtrack of your life. This is exactly the time to ask yourself – what is itThe economic model of the application? Is it a free app with ads, an app, or an app that can be purchased for expanded versions after downloading? Give it a thought. Among other things, this will help you decide how much money you spend to put the idea into practice.



A little tip and you’re in Thailand


Or actually some small tips at all for developing a successful app.


User value: First of all, try to think what comes out of the app. What does she give him? What is the reason for her existence? Does it solve a problem for him? No, we are not talking about world peace or eliminating global warming, but the app should definitely give the user something that will make him not only download it but also use it again and again and tell his friends “Hey, Bob, Melissa! How do you still have this app? ”


Characterization of user experience: Keep your app in mind. What are the key processes that a user is going through? How can they use it easily? Is it suitable for both smartphone and tablet? How should I design the app to create an emotional and experiential connection between the user and the product? In short – how fun, convenient, and addictive it would have been to use this great idea you had made.


From A to Z:Shortcuts in the process of building an app may end in failure. Go step by step without skipping anything. The main development stages of an application are:



However, there is a human tendency to run forward and bypass steps, especially the first three:

  • Analysis of the same processes expected to pass to the user.
  • Comprehensive and thorough characterization of the application, after careful consideration.
  • Perform a characterization of the user experience.

Pay attention to this mine, and do not be played by Usain Bolt. Building a high-quality and successful application is a marathon, not a sprint that ends up falling apart.

Android, iOS And the issue of operating systems: On two operating systems is the world – iOS, running on devices made by Apple, and Android (Android), which is typical of other smartphones. Developing an iPhone app (or developing an iOS application) is like developing Android apps – the process is the same process, but the programming language is different, and because the number of users in each is enormous, it is worth answering the two operating systems.



Differentiation: Differentiation, and again – differentiation. Do not go before you make sure that the main function your app is designed to fulfill is unique and can not be performed by competing apps. There’s no point in answering the needs that are already being answered … Right, Shazam, SoundHound and Music ID identify songs before you can say “Jack Robinson,” and WhatsApp, Viber and Telegram do the same work, do not they? Basically Yes. And yet, each one is different, surpassing the other in a few parameters, and its use differs so that ultimately each user prefers one over the other. Why? Differentiation. That’s the point.


Independent field or hit the expert?


We’ll tell you the end already: hit the expert, no doubt. There are things you can do on your own for the first time, like making Grandma’s patties next to the traditional recipe, and there are things you do not want to go to “soliko.” Application development is one of them.


Independent development versus application development in a software house – Advantages and Disadvantages:


Just as you should not attempt to repair a washing machine or an electric boiler alone, even in the area of building applications it is highly recommended to hire a professional. The professional is experienced, he has been there, he has already done it, he has been wrong and learned from his own mistakes and he has your own resources and simply does not.


But what about the wallet? On the face of it, the cost of developing an application in a software house is higher, but in practice, in most cases the cost will be lower than independent development! how is it possible? For the following reasons: All the necessary resources are concentrated in one place that addresses all aspects and stages of development; The process will take less time, ie – fewer hours of work, ie – less money; The finished product will be more professional and will increase the chance that the application developed will be more successful, which means more profitable.

Another advantage of working with a software house is that unlike working with a freelancer, the coverage and envelope you get is much broader. Working with a professional company will not go into a situation where she is “stuck” and does not know how to proceed. At the software house there are many professionals who provide solutions to a variety of issues, so there is always a backup – someone who will be able to provide solutions and solutions if necessary.

Go ahead, developers inside


It is obvious that not every application will succeed, but it is also clear that if the principles set forth in the article are not preserved, the chances are slim that your application will yield results. Follow the step-by-step guide without making unnecessary detours. True, a bit of luck will not hurt either, but determination, faith in the way, walking “to the end” with the project, and connecting to a software house that shares the same faith in you and your idea – will already do much of the work. Stick to someone who really wants your success, someone who will do everything for the successful realization of your baby initiative. How did that wise Greek say? Luck favors those who dare.


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